“Trine’s work is original, innovative, and tangible. Our sessions have been an organic artwork of yoga, breathwork, vocal toning, emotional sharing, reiki, and cranio-sacral touch. I felt guided into a co-creative shift on many levels of experience through this cutting-edge synthesis of modalities uniquely orchestrated by Trine. Trine’s radiant internal sunshine, cultivated through her own discipline of yoga and radical personal firewalking, facilitates a clearing of the foggy mind and allows that clarity of internal weather to focus the space in 3-D time, allowing a glimpse into the Quantum Truth of Multidimensionality. IMAGINE ~ not reading about it, experiencing it. I was able to access my Soul, living NOW in other lifetimes, and through intentional scripting, alter the course of those expressions and this one as well ~ like dominoes falling backwards into proper alignment from one moment’s touch. It’s the ultimate healing session – a vision quest – but it takes courage and honesty, humility and forgiveness to see the self in its pitiful state of separation and compensation (cross-lifetime’s!), and then take steps toward righteous action. That’s the real work. My deepest gratitude and admiration to Trine for sharing her gift of Being Presence, and the gentlest scalpel for my continued liberation and victory from the illusion through the radical concept of psychic surgery. In other cultures, I believe this is called ‘darshan’.”
~ Tricia Pilkington February 10, 20-09



A sudden shift in the dynamic of my family life had catapulted my body into a state of somatic suffering beyond my experience in
this lifetime. There was a striking “cause and effect” relationship between the stress inducing events and my body suddenly under siege.

Throughout my career as a Registered Nurse (Critical Care Areas) my absolute conviction of the mind-body-spirit connection was formed and permeated my belief system concerning wellness. Clearly for me, the theorem “The body reflects one’s state of mind.” was stating the obvious.

Based on my personal beliefs and spiritual path I sought the shamanic intervention available to me in the gifted and blessed Trine Bietz whose Original Circuitry Reboot session provided vibrational medicine that I have never before experienced.

From the first hour of ‘remote healing’ contact, somatic changes began easing the storm of stressful pain of my body, the sleeplessness which had extended over five nights and was restored to a deep peaceful sleep. Each day of contact with Trine’s healing gifts brought me to a place of balance and calm abiding. Dreaming sequences increased and became more vivid and meaningful since Trine’s intervention, allowing for dream work long neglected.

I am still sorting out the echo of the changes in my life but entirely without my body suffering the emotional and psychic impact of this life transition. Trine’s spiritual giftedness and healing was a conscious choice that allowed me to avoid traditional medical interventions and the ingestion of the pharmaceuticals which are the mainstay of the traditional medical establishment.

M. D.
Idyllwild, California
19 February 2009


“Trine Bietz’s morphic field work is heart-opening spiritual technology, a

powerful way of unlocking the soul’s inherent potential for growth, creative

expression, and Ascension.”


Denise McGregor Author 2011



Here’s what I like about Original Circuitry Reboot sessions with Trine Bietz: everything.

They often start with learning that she had already been “working on me” before I got there. Wow! That tells me that her connection to Spirit in service of me, my issues, and my body, is unquestionable. She is not in this for herself. Her guides, my guides – they’re all on the case which, combined with her authentic intention to create the space in which I and my body might receive the energy, the healing, actually allows me to lie on her table in a state of complete and total trust that my highest good will be served.

Healing doesn’t happen to us without our active participation. So perhaps the best part of sessions with Trine comes at the end in the form of an explanation of everything she did – complete with diagrams! – and what I can do in the coming hours and days to maximize the benefits of the table time and participate fully in whatever’s going on with me. Practical and essential.

I could go on and on but space constrains. Suffice it to say I recommend Trine and her work without qualification.

P E A C E ,

Steven Morrison~ Creator of Spiritual Workout~ 2010