These days I am more and more enamored with the mysterious Muse that moves me to express. And not much else. The creative act is indeed a deep dance with a more expanded and sensitive version of myself, if not an all together distant star that I call Source. The creative process is as elusive and essential as each breath I am graced to receive. My intuitive nature yearns to serve that mystery no questions asked. Programs of doubt, worry, anxiety, or the need for approval can no longer take precedence over serving the mysterious muse that holds all living beings and lifeforms in the position of highest honor and respected reverence.

My devotion includes the liberation (which can be mis~perceived as destruction) of my own holographic patterning, … contributing to the whole by offering myself¬† as a healthy cell in the body of humanity. The artistic process is a medicinal solution. Creativity is a courageous act. Courage is a creative act. To serve life at the core of lifes call, allows the spirit to soar, however it makes the culturally indoctrinated mind incredibly anxious. This is the learned circuitry that I address in my psychic work. Peeling back the layers of our conditioning requires deep and dedicated devotion. Un~waivering focus, skillful awareness, and a healthy doses of fearlessness, creates the right conditions for something truly innovative and intuitive to bloom forth.

I go against the grain of established control patterns… not in an act of rebellion but in an act of love. I do that by tending to my own internal ecosystem… GO TOWARD what is uncomfortable. Mature into facing the shadow. Face what feels tense. Presence the perceived predicament… don’t become distracted. Its an inside job. Its an inside job… It is an inside job.

Moving mindfully (soberly) into these parts of our interdependent systems (body, mind, emotions, spirit) that are collapsed, thick, coagulated and constrained. Here is where the fabric of our holographic nature is not being sourced.. it is being ejected, or otherwise condemned by our own judgement and/or suppressed by a societal standard that is obviously and surely sliding into an escalating insanity. Learned circuitry is the way in which our culture has defined us. Original circuitry is the blueprint of the souls agreed upon expression and intention on the planet… Its incredibly important to allow it to surface…We go into the very fabric of our DNA. We are all being called to break out of the restrictive patterning of our ancestors and YET stand on their shoulders for strength and stability. For me the quickest, safest, and most direct link for busting paradigms is the slippery surrender into the impulse to create. Since creation is the resonant thread through out all of nature. Resistance in this arena shows up in very real ways. Society, culture and gender oppression (on both sides) all play their roles to stifle the unique style of the individual… the unique birthing of life on lifes terms… the awe struck beauty of the creative process itself.