Original Circuitry Reboot

I am able to navigate and guide an individual through the somewhat tumultuous terrain of their holographic resonate field, finding and addressing “sticky”, “stagnate”, and “entangled” energy, which expresses as dis-ease, uncertainty, and stress. I work very organically. My intent is to truly listen to what is needed in the moment, in order to release energetic circuits resulting limitation and inauthentic perception. I am a liberator. I use conscious body movement, conscious connected breath, guided imagery, neural mapping, shamanic tracking, and my own vibrational signature as a way to explore and uncover issues that are blocking or leaching life force from an individual. I am able to use my psychic ability to see and sense the “Original Energetic Circuitry” that humans were born with prior to parental and societal influence that teach illusions to the body, mind, and emotions, exhibiting as limitation and lack. I am able to resuscitate this “Original Circuitry” through subtle quantum energetic intention, insight, and intuitive initiation rights. “Learned Circuitry” is what was taught to us by convention and culture, and through our collusion with it, it has contorted our natural state of being human which is Health, Wholeness, and Harmony. True human nature is that of Creation, Harmlessness, and Honor which goes hand in heart with a life lived fully through Joy, Abundance, and a Deep Desire to improve and evolve our current collective condition as it is continually expressed upon planet Earth.